Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Smeared and Smudged - Rock N Rolla Challenge June

This is a challenge that will focus on finding visual inspiration from music videos! It is supposed to be fun and make you think out of the box.


Each month a link to a video will be posted for you to view. Find something in the video that visually inspires you and make a project based on that.


I had never heard of this band of sisters but I really enjoyed this song.

After watching the video 3 things came to mind:
1. a wolf (but I don't have a wolf stamp or image)
2. kaleidiscope shapes
3. trees in the woods.

I used scrapbook patterned paper to create a kaleidiscope image, stamped evergreens on card base and attached a twig from our backyard (don't worry there are thousands more to be found.... when the lawnmower hits them)

Hope you like it and it qualifies for this challenge.

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