Saturday, October 26, 2013

31 Days of Halloween 2013 - Day 26

Pumpkin People pictures will be posted by Monday October 28 - stay tuned.  Friday is Phase 2 of  the Pumpkin People event.  This involves baking and decorating with the children (young adults) in the neighbourhood.  Things will be loud and messy in the dining room followed by pizza for dinner break.

This Halloween wreath will creep out your mailman and those double dipping trick or treaters.  I made this one for my sister and had asked her whether she preferred a cute or spooky appearance.  Her reply was spooky so here's what I did.

This crow decided if this skull is going to be hanging on the door, then the juicy bits are fair game.  This means a yummy glow in the dark eyeball for breakfast.  This eyeball was a challenge since the nerve/vein/artery bundle was delicate and broke when picked up, then I dropped it and it broke again.  After baking another nerve bundle onto the already baked eyeball it broke off again.  Glue, glue, glue and it is holding.

His other eye was damaged in a exciting round of demonball, similar to dodgeball but you throw a small demon instead.  As he could not afford a glass eye he settled for a plastic one which he baked in his home oven.

Wreath: Michael's (with 40% coupon)
Paper mache mask: Michael's
Horns: aluminium foil, butcher's cord, straight pins, oven bake clay
Eyebrow detail: oven bake clay
Eyeball #1: clear shrinky dink, eyeball stamp
Eyeball #2: oven bake clay

Crow: Michael's (clearance)
acrylic paints, mod podge (outdoor)


  1. you know your one sick puppy don't you did a good job glad I'll not be knocking on the door! xxxxx

    1. Hi Mom, yes I know but you love me anyway.

  2. Such dedication to your art!

    This is a fun spooky project.

  3. A really spooky wreath, naughty raven!!

  4. that is one scary it!

  5. Amazing wreath! love the juicy eyeball!! You go for it mr Crow! Mo x

  6. Wow Karen...that is one awesome wreath. Love how you altered the skull. It is super creepy. The eyeballs or lack of them is really gruesome. Great work!

  7. OMG!!! FAbulously SPOOKY! Especialy love the dangling eyeball. EEEK! xxD

  8. Oh my gosh this is Fabulous!!!! Simply Fabulous!!!! You did such a wonderful job, LOVE IT!!!!!

  9. WOW... I would love to hang this on my door... what a great skull and love the eye plucking CROW!!!!

  10. Wicked cool! You are so very talented. Great project for today.

  11. Fab wreath and those eyes! Wonderful Wonderful wreath. Those ravens do tend to like eyeballs more than candy. Love it!