Tuesday, October 28, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014 - Day 28

Ebony and Ivory
The weirdest things go through my head while crafting ~ I don't even like this song !!

What should the caption read under this image?

1.  Did you hear the one about...
2.  I see you're on the air only diet too.
3.  And then he said...
4.  Do you come here often?
5.  Can I ask who bleaches your bones?
6.  You have such a beautiful bone structure.
7.  The doctor said he wanted to do a bone density scan and I asked him if he was blind.
8.  They promised the pounds would melt off but really this is extreme.

stamp: Skellie Gossip by Ike
paper: Canvas corp "black & ivory diamonds"
print paper: American Crafts "halloween"


  1. HeeHee! Love that stamp and what a fab layout with the kraft. Your "gossip" is hilarious. xxD

  2. Love your scene and story. Such a cool image!~kim

  3. Number 7 for me!! Reminds me of a few docs I have been to in the past year..duh!! These skellies are so great and they just come to life...you can just hear them talking!!

  4. Number 7 for sure!
    The song I am hearing is "Dry Bones."

  5. I say number 8 . Love the monochromatic colors.

  6. not normally a fan of browns but the distressed look is solo fabulous here. love the simple layout too. It lets us focus on the image.

  7. This really made me giggle...I say number 7...

  8. Hahaha! This is hilarious! I vote for number 8.

  9. LOL, I can totally see why it was going around in your head LOL! Hmmm, #7 for me too LOL!

  10. "and then I laughed so hard my head fell off!" bahahahaha oh this is a riot. Love the monochromatic colouring - it's perfect for this pair of funny bones :)

  11. hehehe, how about hey handsome do you come here often? Fab card, love that image.

  12. Oh they are al so good , its so hard like them all I think 6 is a winner though

    1. Hi Mom,

      Thanks for hopping by to see the projects. My favourite comment is #7. The month is almost over and then I can crawl out of my creative cave and re-join the family.
      Love you,

  13. Great boney pair with a list of funnies too!