Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 22

Okay Mom, now this is the card you won't want to see. WARNING - spiders appear on this post. Those big eight legged, furry creepies that make your skin crawl.

Fair warning and all that. Yes, there is a spider and a big spider monster so I won't mind if you skip today and come back tomorrow.

Now for everyone else, here is my card for Day 22. Hope you enjoy or it creeps you out, either way I'm happy with the card.

This spider monster Big Blue or BB to his friends, might look big and scary but if you look closely he is trying to put Mr.Skel E. Ton back together after the other nasty spider (bottom right) started to cocoon the body parts.

The ant seen in the top right is actually a brad that was stitched in place and then pounded with an eyelet hammer so he would look defeated. BB was printed on Neenah paper, coloured with copics and then highlighted with glossy accents and distress ink applied with a Q-Tip. Mr. Skel E. Ton was stamped on cream cardstock, cut up into peices and sponged with distress ink.

In this picture you can see that BB has collected some of the body parts but I think he is going to come up short (about 2 legs short by my count).

The cocoons were made using the tips of Q-tips, sponged with brown ink and wrapped in embroidery floss. (No real body parts or animals were harmed in the making of this card)

I think this sentiment sums up our wishes for Mr. Skel E. Ton - rest in peices buddy. I would also like to offer my condolences to the victims on this card who lost their life so this card could be made.

Spider monster digital image: Rick St.Dennis

skeleton parts rubber stamp image: Recollections
sentiment: Inkadinkado
spiderweb paper: My Mind's Eye
idea: a sick and twisted mind
ant trapped in web: EyeLet OutLet brad
ant crushing: stress relief
sentiment ink: Brilliance tiramisu
victims trapped in web: Q-tips (tips) and embroidery floss
copic alcohol markers, Neenah paper, glossy accents and distress ink: stash

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  1. love your scarey spider...creepy.

  2. Oh so creepy in a delightful way, fab colour scheme!

  3. Oh this piece is fantastic. I hate spiders but I LOVE this one. Nicely executed. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for using my Alien Mutant Spider-I love Big Blue-maybe I will bring him back and call him that in your honor-Love the back story and your finished project-Thanks

  5. I love your spider project looks awesome
    Hugs xxx

  6. OMG, I love your story that you combined with your awesome card! Superb!

  7. Wonderful card, love the story behind it all and all those little bodies parts all wrapped up in web!

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing your talent.

  9. this is mom would love it lol
    susan s.

  10. Bwaahahaha! I had quite the chuckle with your super creative card and awesome back story :) Your concept is brilliant and fabulously executed! Your wrapped body parts rock and so do you. Your card is awesome beyond belief. I love it!

  11. cool and fun project! :)the glossy eyes kooks fab.

  12. Sooo fabulous! Love your images and the squashed ant and wrapped up skellie are just genius! xxD