Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 days of Halloween - Day 23

Welcome to Day 23. I was hoping to save this project for the 31st but I couldn't finish a darn thing today.

Specimen 31 was created for the Halloween Home Decor Swap and mailed to Tori.

This specimen was found in an abandoned warehouse and immediately sent to Quantico for analysis. Due to the horrifying nature of the specimen it was fast tracked to special agents Mulder and Scully.

The specimen included an assortment of body parts - brain, eyeball, ear and a skeletal finger with a couple of tags.
A case file was opened, X-File 10312012

The ear still dangled an earring with a miniture skull. Eewww!

Yes folks that is a finger, it is not an ummmm, whatever you're thinking. The agents observed that the finger had been tattooed with a flaming skull.

When the lights were out the specimen glowed in the dark, creepy. After an examination of the remains Special Agent Scully determined that the body parts were in fact human (female) but the brain was not. Agent Mulder proposed that it could belong to an alien or other supernatural being - oh sure, I want to believe but.......

awesome characters in this post: The X-Files
stamps: Found Evidence (Leave Memories), Inkadinkadoo
polymer clay: Fimo Soft
idea: a sick and twisted mind
shapes for clay labels: Spellbinders
aluminium foil: kitchen
laundry line: workroom
straight pins: sewing box
styrofoam, mini skull and craft wire:stash

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  1. love everything body parts...ewe.

  2. This is totally fun and would look great in my office. What a great imagination. Thank you for sharing your art work.

  3. thanks for yesterdays worning dad look said it was good, and you know what I thought about todays love you

    1. Hi Mom,

      I'm glad you avoided yesterday's spider card and yes I do know what you thought the finger was. As if someone would get that tattooed and if someone did I don't want to hear about it.

      Love you guys,

  4. ROTFLMAO! Fabulous project and your story is a hoot! LOVE this! xxD

  5. AWESOME!!!! LOVE the body parts!!!

  6. I thought your post was hilarious and then I read the exchange between you and your mom and had to take a break to have a good belly laugh! I so enjoy humorous creations and you are a master!!

  7. Loved your little story awesome body parts
    Hugs xxx

  8. LOL, love the story behind these specimens. Great work!

  9. OMG, I LOVE this! I'm a hard core X-Files fan, my doggie is named Scully heehee! Wonderful project, great job!

  10. how fun ..i was a hard core x file fan too..nice specimens
    susan s.

  11. Bwaahahahaha! This rocks! Awesome swap decoration and super creative project! The back story is clever and hilarious! I love it!!! A twisted mind is a terrible thing to waste. I'm glad you put yours to good use!

  12. Great project, Thanks for sharing.

  13. jhehehe this just makes me giggle- so creepy fun! Love it!

  14. Eeeeeee! I LOVE this! thank you for sharing your talent!