Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Days of Halloween 2013 - Day 31

Thanks to all the bloggers and hoppers for a wonderful October.  The comments, product and technique suggestions are greatly appreciated. Here is my last project for 31 Days of Halloween 2013. 

Caution: I have been told that I am a sick puppy so if you would like to keep moving on, I will not be offended.

Note: The electric chair is not functional and no idiots were fried at any time.

Here is the ultimate time out chair when you've been really bad

El Diablo knows who should be punished, he's pointing you them out. 

 Now just have a seat, put the skull cap on and we'll strap you in for the ride of your life. (okay, the ride to end your life but let's not dwell on that)

In just a moment we'll flip the switch and wait until we hit Crispy, you might get a little warm but that's nothing compared to the temperature of your final destination. 

 We've cooked 12 so far and Friday should be 13th. 

Thanks and Love to Dad who helped execute the build portion of this project and came up with the temperature gauge and name "El Diablo". 
The armless chair was found at Valu Village and adapted with leftover Ikea bed frame slats for arms and supports.  The back rest is from a new piece of particle board stuff cut with slits for the chest straps.  The chest restraint is an old luggage strap hidden behind the particle board and threaded through the slits.
At this point the chair consisted of three different wood/fake wood materials so a base coat of black craft paint was applied.  Burnt umber was applied thinly over the black to achieve a fake wood look so it wouldn't appear flat.

The Devil digital stamp from Delicious Doodles was printed on Kraft paper, highlighted with white pencil crayon, red marker and spritzed with Smooch colour.  Thanks to my roomie for test colouring with every medium that we have in the house to determine the best choice.
The skull cap is made from paper mache, thanks to my sister for the loan of her small metal mixing bowl. Two coats of gesso were applied and then painted with assorted brown craft paints.
The electrical (again, not live) gear was assembled from assorted scraps and a plumbing hose from the restore.
The arm and leg restraints are men's belts purchased at thrift store, cut to size, screwed onto chair.  To make the new holes I used the large eyelet maker, a lot of hammering and noise but it did work.
The temperature gauge that my Dad had drawn was traced onto white paper, glued to cardstock and cut to fit inside the plastic packaging of a Spellbinders die set.  A brad secures the clock hand in place, a flame stencil was coloured with chalks directly over the temperature readings and a skull was glued to the raised plastic cover over the Crispy reading.  
The control panel lights were found at the Habitat for Humanity restore.  The green lights are as found and the red lights are the result of alcohol inked clear bulbs.  The switch and clips for the hot seat were found at a surplus store.  The switch can be raised into an upright position (90 degrees) but cannot reach full charge.
Now, if I can just add wheels to the legs......



  1. Happy Halloween!!! What a magnificent project to end with! Love the concept, the 'very naughty chair'!! think I need one of these for my kids!!! (joke!!) lol Have loved visiting you this month, will try not to be a stranger! mo xxx

  2. WOW! Seriously AMAZING! Love your imagination and how great your Dad didn't try and have you commited when you revealed your plan. LOL Guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. Hope you find some wheels so you can move it easily. Would make a great incentive (make that threat) to always get your way. Happy Halloween! xxD

  3. She still can be committed for having that chair sitting in our house ~ or we will use it as a "time out" chair, where the standard is "a minute per year of age". Don't forget Karen, you are another year older tomorrow. You could be sitting there a long time ~ plenty of time to "warm up" in those winter cold months! Awesome awesome chair but it still scares me how you come up with these ideas!

    1. Hi Susan,
      I don't think I'll be sitting in my chair on the front lawn tonight. The weather is still dismal! What do you think of this as the new computer chair?

  4. Happy Halloween!
    Thank you for all you have shared this month, and all your time and effort.

    I can not stop smiling, mainly at your powers of descriptive prose.
    I do hope you join us next year at Haunted Humpday, which is only one day a week.

    You get bonus points for recycling and upcycling, suppporting the restore and only making noise (not swearing) when hammering and making holes.

    1. oops, did i forget to mention the swearing?
      Thank you for your kind words and I will check out Haunted Humpday.
      What type of dog do you have?

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  6. LOVE IT!!!! Aren't dad's wonderful! Love this chair, such a great idea! Loved seeing all your artwork for the month! Wonderful job!

  7. OMGHOUL OMGHOUL OMGHOUL! That is one crazy ABSOLUTELY amazing chair! LOVE IT!

  8. such a fab find and the end result...have really enjoyed stopping here this month! Happy Halloween!

  9. Oh my gosh, what a project! How awesome that your dad helped out :) I've had a blast visiting you all month and getting to view all your wonderful projects! Happy Halloween :)

  10. Happy Halloween... this would be a hit at any Halloween Party.... what fun you must have had making this chair... Thanks for all the awesome inspiration during this month!!!

  11. A shocking idea. I have a chair that might be just perfect for one of these......... Thanks for all the great projects you shared this month. Happy happy to you

  12. How the heck did I miss this...oh well, there goes my second chance at the grand I love this. Ingenious.