Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin People 2013

This is an annual event which has grown to epic proportions. Some background is required to understand the significance of this day (the last Saturday before Halloween). Each year Wayne would set out his pumpkin people bodies while his girls were at school. It was a wonderful tradition that might have ended in 1998 when Wayne passed away in his sleep.


The next year, family, friends and neighbours helped Barb and her daughters Beth and Stephanie put up the pumpkin people in honour of Wayne and their family.

Since then the annual event has grown in size and scope with friends showing up to carve, eat some treats and socialize.

Saturday morning's weather could be described as unpredictable with strong winds, rain and then SNOW!  Barb said Wayne must be looking down on us from heaven saying "You can do it, you can do it".  By lunch the weather had settled into a damp and cool day which did not spoil the fun.

The pumpkin bodies are staked to the ground and the kids (young and young at heart) carve a pumpkin head to go on a particular body.  About 4 years ago, Stephanie's class added a new pumpkin body (hockey player) and set it up in the front yard while the house was asleep. This year my roommate, sister and I added a new pumpkin body, the dog dressed like a unicorn. The gently used unicorn suit was purchased from Valu Village. No, we did not sneak up the street at 2am to set him up.
Barb signals that she is safe on the roof and the pumpkin head is secure. Thank goodness for home owners insurance.
The food table included some new additions this year, a disgusting meat head (prosciotto draped over a skull) and a cheese mold brain (with gelatin so it jiggles).  It took a while before someone dared to scoop out some brain but it went quickly after that.


Yummy treats are devoured after the pumpkins are carved.  The hot chocolate and hot apple cider were appreciated on this cool day.

The end result is a wonderful display at the house which catches the eye of passers by, some cars drive around the block twice to get another look.  This year's display was featured in the local newspaper.


  1. What an amazing tradition!!! Fabulous! mo xxx

  2. Happy Halloween! Such an amazing tradition. I'm sure that Wayne is very proud of how your neighborhood has pulled together to help his family I love this. It is definitely a wonderful display.

    Thank you for all your creative work this month. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you created each day. You have great talent.

  3. What a fun and loving tribute!

  4. Karen you sure know how to party. What great lawn decorations and party set up! It has been a fun 31 days leading up to this. Happy Halloween!

  5. How awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  6. what a great event and tradition!

  7. Wow! what an amazing tradition and party... fun gathering... too much fun for all!!